Thursday, April 1, 2021

April is Masters of the Universe Month 2021! This Year We Travel Back to 1983...


   April 28th is Masters of the Universe and since I've taken part in Masters of the Universe Day celebrations since 2013 you just know that big stuff is planned. So what exactly is Masters of the Universe Day? Are you in the dark about this holiday that ranks only behind Easter, Christmas, and Halloween for me? (Yeah, it's ahead of Thanksgiving.) The short version is that in 1987 Tom Bradley, the then mayor of Los Angeles, California declared April 28th to be "Masters of the Universe Day"  due to the live Masters of the Universe: Power Tour show coming to the city. While now it seems that every popular franchise has a holiday (Batman Day, May the 4th, Aliens Day, Mario day) Masters of the Universe is, to my knowledge, the first. Yeah, it's a goofy PR thing that fans jumped took and ran with but it's still pretty cool. 

   This year I've got some great stuff coming up including a collaboration with Matt from The Toy Box blending his artistic talents and my eBay addiction, lots of current Masters of the Universe reviews, and a look at the characters, creatures, and vehicles of the 1983 Masters of the Universe line. Last year I looked at all of the characters, vehicles, and playsets from the original 1982 series so this year I'm jumping forward to 1983 and looking at how those original toys have been reinterpreted over the years. It's going to be a lot of fun looking at different versions of those characters from the second year of the line.

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