Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Action Figure Review: Jungle Patrol Dutch from Predator by NECA

    Ready for another Predator review? I've already reviewed Jungle Extraction Dutch, which depicts Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer as he appears near the beginning of Predator up until the end of the attack on the rebel encampment. Jungle Patrol Dutch represents Schwarzenegger for the next part of the film. He's missing the jacket now, but decked out in his tank top and harness.  While this figure and Jungle Extraction Dutch do share the same body, I'm going to try and refrain as much as possible from simply cutting and pasting from that review, although I just may with certain areas like the accessories.  Since wave 9 of NECA's Predator figures has already started hitting stores, I wanted to make sure that this version of Dutch got his fair shake.  NECA has once again provided us an excellent representation of a beloved 1980's icon, and my toy shelf is all the more crowded because of their excellent work.  Join me for the review and more fun Predator facts after the break......

     Coming in a little over 7 inches, Dutch is in scale with most other NECA figures. That means he'll look appropriately taller next to Rambo.  He's done in the extremely realistic style that NECA does so well, and just begs to be teamed up with a variety of other action stars.  I know I've mentioned it before, but I do hope that NECA creates an Arnold of the month club where you subscribe for a year's worth of Arnold Scwarzenegger themed figures. More Conan figures? Heck yes. Last Action Hero? Ok. Collateral Damage? Definitely. True Lies? Who wouldn't buy that? Total Recall, Commando, and the Running Man? I'll just give NECA a check--they can fill out the amount. Batman and Robin? Well, I guess everyone has their limits....

     Jungle Patrol Dutch is another figure that shows the great strides in progress NECA has made with their articulation.  He features: ball jointed ankles, boot swivels, ball jointed knees, swivel thighs, ball jointed hips, a ball jointed waist, ball jointed abdomen, ball jointed shoulders, ball jointed elbows, ball jointed wrists, and a ball jointed neck.  Whether he's acting in a film, fighting the Predator, pumping you up, or governing the state of California, this figure can assume any position he needs to.  The articulation, even with his bare arms, manages to be very well hidden, so just looking at the figure doesn't fully show you just how impressive the articulation is. Getting this guy out in the jungle (aka my yard) is a real treat. 

    NECA has given us another great Schwarzenegger sculpt. While Jungle Extraction Dutch gave us Dutch looking pissed and chomping on a cigar, this version is Dutch looking pissed while scanning the treetops of the jungle. There's just the slightest hint of a sideways glance in his eyes.  The boots and pants are great, like I mentioned in the previous Dutch review, but this time we get a separately sculpted combat vest and Scwarzenegger's bare arms.  The vest is really detailed: you can see all the stitching and various pockets. Check out the back of it, too.  One of the straps is even wrapped around. Believe me, that kind of stuff happens and it's a neat touch of realism.  The camo tank top looks good and features all the appropriate folds and creases of the cloth that is barely containing the manliness that is Arnold!  Check out his arms. NECA has sculpted some pumped arms before, but these guns are out of control! Check out the bulging veins!  Arrrggghhh!!!!

     OK, taking a step back and calming down a bit.  OK, I'm good now. Where were we? Well, let's look a the paint.  First, let me gush about how well NECA has captured an authentic look for the flesh. He looks like he glistening with sweat. The camo face paint is still in place, but a little bit lighter, having been somewhat diminished from battle. Nice.  The camouflage pattern is impressive, as always, and really makes this a believable piece. Try putting him in the woods and looking for him a few minutes later. Good luck finding him: he blends right in!  The pistol belt is an appropriate OD green, but what's even more impressive are the painted brass eye holes all over it. One thing that I do find odd, though, is that while Jungle Extraction Dutch's vest is brown, this Dutch has a green vest. I've looked at some movie stills, and I'm not sure which color is correct. Still, looks fine to me.

     Jungle Patrol Dutch has one less accessory than Jungle Extraction Dutch: he doesn't have the giant knife used in the "stick around" scene. Why? It seems that once Dutch throws that knife through the dude's chest, he doesn't bother picking it back up. I'll take a second to point out that not only is the sheathe for that knife gone, but NECA sculpted a new lower right leg without sheathe straps for Jungle Patrol Dutch. That's called attention to detail and having respect for your customers. Jungle Patrol Dutch comes three accessories, all of which can be stored on his person. First is his M-16 assault rifle with under slung grenade launcher.  It has a great weathered paint job, and can either be slung over Dutch's shoulder or held in both hands. It feels a little brittle, but looks excellent.  Second, Dutch comes with a Desert Eagle 50 caliber pistol.  It's has multiple black paint apps over it's weathered silver frame.  It's a bit tough to get Dutch to hold the pistol (his grip is kind of tight) but it can be done. It looks awesome in his holster, though. The holster hangs from his belt on his right hip and has a strap that can hold the pistol in place and a sculpted extra magazine pouch.  Third, we get a smaller knife that fits in a sheathe on Dutch's left hip.  It's really small and he is unable to hold it without doing something crazy like wedging the hilt between his fingers. It's silver with a black handle.  A nice assortment of gear, and movie accurate.

     I have no problems with this figure at all. This is an excellent representation of Schwarzenegger as Dutch. I actually like the Jungle Extraction Dutch head better, but overall this figure is better. There are no flaws whatsoever, and I can't wait to build a small army of Dutch figures. Also, please, please, please, NECA: make the rest of the team. At least Carl Weathers as Dillon. The world needs another Carl Weathers figure! I'm going to confirm Dutch here as Epic. There's no reason not to.

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