Sunday, March 21, 2021

Vehicle Review: Land Shark from Hot Wheels Premium: Masters of the Universe by Mattel


   While Hot Wheels has released Masters of the Universe themed cars off and on since the 1980s, it was only last year that they released a Hot Wheels MOTU vehicle based on an actual design from the vintage toyline. To follow up last year's Wind Raider this year we now have the Land Shark, AKA the best MOTU vehicle of all time. Seriously, I love the Land Shark and it's not received much attention in the years between it's 1985 release and 2021. This year we have both this Hot Wheels Land Shark and the MOTU Origins Land Shark! 2021 might be the Year of the Ox but on Eternia it's the year of the shark, baby! Let's check out this 1/64th scale Land Shark after the break....


The Facts:
Length: 2 1/2th inches
Accessories: Engine

Non-Scalper Price: $5

The Packaging:

* While the Wind Raider had gorgeous vintage art on the packaging the Land Shark just has the standard MOTU exploding red rocks logo. It's nice but nice enough that I had any desire to keep it in the package.

The Positives:

* The Land Shark is built on a metal body with lots of plastic pieces added on to capture all of the details of the vehicle. The paint work is nice and clean and all of the colors look spot on. Even the details like the rivets and the panels on the body are well sculpted and bring the design alive. It's an impressive toy!


* The cockpit is fully detailed with a colorful control panel. It looks like you could really put a teeny, tiny MOTU figure in here!


* The laser cannons on the sides can also pivot up and down. They're also unique, which is really cool. The vintage toy's laser cannons were also unqiue so you've got two different weapons on the Land Shark.


* Does the Land Shark actually bite? Well, no, not when you roll it, but the jaw is hinged and it moves up and down when you press it. The teeth are rubbery too, so you're not going to damage in small microfigures you have this thing maul.





 * The engine is removable from the back, just like the vintage toy. Need Tri-Klops or Spikor to give the Land Shark a bit of a tune up? Here you go!





   This is a fantastic Hot Wheels vehicle! I'm still not sure why these are 5 times the price of a standard Hot Wheels vehicle (they're around $5 bucks each) and the only thing I can figure out is because they're licenses and marketed at collectors who are willing to pay the price. Everything is just excellent on the Land Shark, though, and it captures all of the cool details of the vintage toy. This is an Epic little item! The Battle Ram is also supposed to be showing up soon, so it'll be interesting to see how far Hot Wheels takes the MOTU subset. I want a Roton and Dragon Walker!



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  1. These go great with those World's Smallest MOTU!

    1. I was wondering if they would. I think I saw someone put one in the Wind Raider, too.

  2. Yes, and the Talon Fighter and Attack Track! Plus, finally, after 40+ years--Skeletor's Doom Buster, please!

    1. I'm surprised we haven't received anything new lately. The Doom Buster would be a neat addition for sure.


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