Monday, December 24, 2018

The 12 Days of Christmas: Video Game Superstars Presents: Capcom's Resident Evil by Toy Biz

   Merry Christmas Eve! Today's toyline on the list of my 12 favorite toylines of all time is Video Game Superstars Presents: Capcom's Resident Evil by Toy Biz. Released by Toy Biz in 1998, the line had three series of figures that covered characters from Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2. It might sound kind of odd but I have really strong, nostalgic memories of this line. At the time when these were released video game based action figures were actually somewhat of a rarity, so these were a very big deal at the time. There have been many Resident Evil toys made by different companies but few have ever been as expansive as the Toy Biz line. For as massive of an entertainment property as Resident Evil is, no company seems able to sustain a toyline for very long. I've actually reviewed the entire line previously, so rather than offer a review I'm going to post links to all of the previous reviews and then share my wish list for a hypothetical fourth series.

Video Game Superstars Presents: Capcom's Resident Evil by Toy Biz (1998)
Chris Redfield & Cerberus
Forest Speyer & Maggot Zombie
Hunter & Chimera
Jill Valentine & Web Spinner

Video Game Superstars Presents: Capcom's Resident Evil 2 by Toy Biz
Ada Wong & Ivy
Claire Redfield & Zombie Cop
Hunk & Zombie
Leon S. Kennedy & Licker
Tyrant/ Mr. X
William Birkin & Sherry
William G3/ William G4

   If we were getting a fourth series of figures, I would stick to characters who would have conceivably been available at the time, including some characters from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis that was reeleased in 1999. Remember that these were largely offered as two-packs, so here's who I would pick:

Albert Wesker w/ Brown Coat Zombie

Barry Burton and Rebecca Chambers


Jill Valentine (RE: Nemesis version) with Female Zombie

Carlos Oliveira with Hunter Gamma


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    1. Thanks! I still dream about what could have been if Toy Biz had gotten around to a fourth series of figures. Still one of my favorite lines.


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