Friday, August 17, 2018

Minifigure Review: Goldblade from Treasure X by Moose Toys

   Halloween is quickly approaching, so here is a skeleton to start your day off right! The other day I did an overview of the process of opening a Treasure X minifigure from Moose Toys. Long story short, Treasure X is a "blind bagged" minfigure line consisting of articulated skeletons and treasure chests hidden in a block of sand that you have to actually dig open and put together. It's an incredibly cool concept and it seems like it's doing a great job of capturing the attention of kids and collectors. I picked up two of the sets the first time I found these and the first figure I discovered was Goldblade. A member of The Blade Brigade, Goldblade is a skeletal samurai treasure hunter. I really dig him and have been excited to check him out. Goldblade also came with the Jade Fortune Cat treasure. The treasures are also randomly inserted, so just because you get Goldblade doesn't mean you'll get the Jade Fortune Cat. Let's dig in and take a look at Goldblade after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 2 1/2 inches

Articulation: Swivel hips, swivel shoulders, and a swivel head

Accessories: Katana, Jade Fortune Cat treasure, two piece treasure kit, map, coin, excavation tool, display stand

Non-Scalper Price: $10
 The Positives:

* The design of these little guys is very, very cool. They have a stylized skeletal feel mixed with some pop culture inspired depictions of various historical eras (pirates, ninjas, Romans, etc.) and then injected with a bit of a urban vinyl feel (hence the medallions these guys all wear). The figures have cool paintwork (I love the eyes on these) and some really interesting sculpted details such as the plates of the kusazuri and sode.

* The figure is assembled from six different pieces and comes separate in the treasure block. While the joints really are swivel joints that plug in, they do have a bit of sway that feel a little more like balljoints (although they're not). Goldblade is quite sturdy and looks pretty cool just hanging out on your shelf.

* The kabuto helm is really detailed and features a cool crest and horns on it.

 * Goldblade fittingly comes with a golden blade. How's that for service? It's a cool accessory that fits well in his right hang and features a couple of cool details such as the saw-like teeth near the hilt.

* Here is the chest that comes with the set. Every one of the sets includes a chest and you can see in detail how it works here. After you get the treasure out it does make a really cool little chest for displays or tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons.

 * Every set includes a treasure and this one is the Jade Fortune Cat. Not only is it a really cool looking little fortune cat but it also glows in the dark. Who doesn't like glow-in-the-dark stuff?

 * Here's a look at the other plastic pieces that come with the set: The red excavation tool for digging the figure out of the treasure block, the coin for use with the map, and the black plastic tray/ display stand. Again, every set comes with these same items and you can see how they all function here

* Another fun thing about these figures is that the pieces are all interchangeable. Thus makes for some fun basic customizing opportunities if you own more than one Treasure X skeleton.
   I really like these figures. They're quite cool, very well executed, and just plain fun. I love the aesthetics of the line and the theme of digging everything up like a treasure hunt. I will say that I think $10 for the set isn't bad for the entire experience but if you're picking up more than one of these you might get a bit tired of digging these guys up and having dozens of extra excavating tools. Still, this is a Great minifigure and well worth picking up if you dig it. I really get flustered with blind boxed stuff but I'm game for one or two more of these.

This is the first figure from this series I've reviewed. For a rundown of the way you open the sets, check out this post!


  1. Still haven't run into these, but being the skeleton fan that I am, I'm sure I'll be getting one when I do. Speaking of being fans of things: Do you check out Roblox figures? If not, keep your eyes out for a headless horsemen figure that has an alternate pumpkin head.

    1. So... now I guess I'm on the hunt for a Roblox figure. Is that what you're saying?

    2. I'm on the hunt. Looked around a bit yesterday. Is this a fairly new/ upcoming figure?

    3. Yes, I found it at target, for their new toy isle reset. All brand new Roblox stuff; the headless horsemen is a single pack, and the best looking one, so I imagine a lot of people are going for it. It has a clear head with a hat on, in package, with the pumpkin head off to the side.


    5. I've got one! I'll be checking him out sometime in October. He's pretty slick!

    6. Great! If anyone needs that one, it's you!


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