Saturday, August 25, 2018

Minifigure Review: Rogue Goldsnatcher from Treasure X by Moose Toys

    While I'm currently working on lots of reviews for this year's Halloween countdown, The Revenge of 31 Days of Toy Terror, and thus saving up most reviews of spooky toys for October and Re-Halloween, I've decided that I'm going to go ahead and review the Treasure X guys I've been picking up lately. They're pretty popular right now and I'm anxious to show off who I've picked up. Today I'm checking out Rogue Goldsnatcher, a member of The Bling Bandits. Dang. Rogue Goldsnatcher. That's a flipping cool name. I'm not planning on having any more kids but if I were that's a name I'd throw in the hat. Imagine how far you'd go in life with a name like Rogue Goldsnatcher. That's a perfect name for a globe-trotting treasure hunter, a repo man, or one of those folks who chills out at the farmers market on Saturday mornings to talk about compost and sell homemade goat soap. Rogue Goldsnatcher, indeed. Anyways, Rogue Goldsnatcher was the second figure I dug up and I purchased him the same day that I bought my first Treasure X figure, Goldblade. Ready for a quick look at Rogue Goldsnatcher? Then join me after the break...

 The Facts:

Height: 2 1/4ths inches

Articulation: Swivel hips, swivel shoulders, and a swivel head

Accessories: Club, Bronze Sovereigns treasure, two piece treasure chest, map, coin, excavation tool, and display stand.

Non-Scalper Price: $10
 The Positives:

* While the overall aesthetic of the Treasure X line seems to mesh loose historical interpretations of treasure hunting skeletons with the design sensibilities of the urban vinyl movement, the Bling Bandits seem to really reflect the look of many urban vinyl figures. With his gold teeth, blue track jacket, and a dollar sign necklace, Rogue Goldsnatcher looks far more modern than most of his counterparts in the line. If he handed me a copy of his demo tape, I'd probably listen to it.

* As with Goldblade, I love the design of the skull, particularly the eyes. The mixture of sculpt and paintwork here does a nice job of creating a fun and stylized skeletal figure.

* The figure is assembled from six different pieces and you have to dig through the treasure block to assemble him. While the joints are swivel joints that plug in, they do have a bit of sway that makes them feel a little more like balljoints (although they're not). There isn't a crazy range of motion here but he's fun to pick up and play with or display on a shelf.

* Rogue Goldsnatcher comes with a club. It looks kind of like a shorter baseball bat with a few spikes sticking out of the end and some tape wrapped around the handle. The bat is molded in a pearlescent gold plastic which seems to be standard for this line.

* Here is the chest that comes with the set. Every one of the sets includes a chest and you can see in detail how it works here. After you get the treasure out it does make a really cool little chest for displays or tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons.
 * Every figure includes a treasure and Rogue Goldsnatcher comes with a pair of Bronze Sovereigns (they're attached together). When I reviewed Goldblade I was under the impression that the treasures were random but they're not. Unless you get one of the chase actual gold plated treasure instead of a standard treasure, the standard treasure that comes with each figure is designated. Goldblade has the Jade Fortune Cat, Doctor Goldspell has the Crystla Spear, Rogue Goldsnatcher has the Bronze Sovereigns, and so on.

 * Here's a look at the other plastic pieces that come with the set: The red excavation tool for digging the figure out of the treasure block, the coin for use with the map, and the black plastic tray/ display stand. Again, every set comes with these same items and you can see how they all function here

* Another fun thing about these figures is that the pieces are all interchangeable. This makes for some fun basic customizing opportunities if you own more than one Treasure X skeleton.
   While Rogue Goldsnatcher might not be as cool as Goldblade, I have to admit that I'm quite fond of him. He has a very cool aesthetic and nicely mixes with pieces from other figures to creature more cool looks. Coming in around $10, part of the cost of these is due to the experience of digging them up and opening the foaming treasure chest. While that was fun the first few times I did it at this point I kind of wish these were a couple of bucks cheaper. I really like the figures but they're a bit more than your standard minifigure. Still, Rogue Goldsnatcher is a Good and a 1/2 figure with an amazing name; he's not a bad pull if you end up with him.

This is the first Rogue Goldsnatcher figure I've reviewed. For more Treasure X check out the following:
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  1. These little boneheads remind me of Battle Beasts. That was a nice line, even if the figures only had swivel shoulders.

    There's a Crystal Spear? If it glows in the dark...well...I may have to get me a Dr, Goldspell.

    1. It does not glow in the dark. It's supposed to be clear but some of the clear accessories seem to be getting stained by the orange "bubbly" substance contained within the treasure chests.

      Also, have you seen the Imaginext Battle Beast snake guy from the newest series of Collectible Figures? I'll be reviewing him next month for Halloween. He's incredible!

  2. I saw the words "Battle Beast" and "Snake Guy" and now I'm waiting for the review with great expectations.

    1. The Battle Beast Snake Guy is probably going to be part of 31 Days of Toy Terror in October, so you may have to wait just a bit longer!

  3. Battle Beasts were a Hasbro property, weren't they? What are the chances that Hasbro will ever bring them back?

    1. They were created by Takara and released in the US by Hasbro until Hasbro allowed the license to lapse at some point. I think Diamond released some at one point, kind of Minimates style, and then another company tried a Kickstarter funded line.


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