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The ABCs of 31 Days of Toy Terror: Black Falcon from The Worst Ultimates by Super7


   Black Falcon is definitely my least favorite figure from Series 1 of the Worst ReAction figures that I reviewed back in 2016. Let's be honest: When you're going up against a vampire bat, a Mike Mignola-esque armored guy with a gas gun, and a snake headed mummy, an armored skeleton is a bit tame. The Worst typically have really strange designs but Black Falcon comes off as a pretty standard skeletal villain you'd see in Dungeons & Dragons, Lone Wolf, or The Elder Scrolls. As a larger figure, though, Black Falcon is cool. Very cool. He's actually quite impressive, which is nice as I had forgotten I had preordered these figure back in February of 2022 so they surprised me when they showed up at the end of last month. We're just a day from Halloween, so let's celebrate with an evil, undead skeleton! Let's check out Black Falcon after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 6 3/4ths inches

Articulation: Swivel/ hinge ankles, swivel/hinge knees, swivel thighs, ball jointed hips, ball jointed waist, swivel/hinge shoulders, bicep swivels, swivel/ hinge elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, and a barbell jointed head.

Accessories: 3 portraits, 9 swappable hands, cape, medallion, sword, spear, shield, bagged lunch, 2 piece thermos, and falcon boomerang. 

Non-Scalper Price: $55 dollars

The Positives:

* If you're in need of just a really cool armored skeleton coming in between 6 and 7 inches, Super7 has you covered. Black Falcon looks really impressive with some very heavily detailed armor. While most of it's all part of the same sculpt, there are lots of different parts to his outfit, each accented with some impressive paint details. His armored coat looks different from the chain mail on his arms, which looks different from the weathered bronze armor on his chest. He's got lots of little spiked and studded stuff on his arms, too, including some Batman-esque spikes on his gauntlets. This guy is one of the most impressive Super7 figures that I've seen.

* Black Falcon comes with three portraits, the first of which is your standard evil looking skull with some serious headgear. The sculpt is nice, injecting a bit of character and expression into Black Falcon's skull rather than just making him a generic, expressionless skull. He's got a real Army of Darkness vibe, you know? 

* Check out those massive horns! How does he walk around wearing those things without straining his neck muscles? Oh, right; he doesn't have any. Sucks to be him. Then again, he gets to wear a helmet that would put any Viking and/ or opera singer to shame and we don't, so maybe he's coming out ahead. 

* Here's that face you make when you role a 1 against the level 14 Barbarian fighter! Yeah, Black Falcon certainly isn't invulnerable and his second head shows him with a large split in his skull and helmet. Oh, and he's screaming. Yikes! 

* Oh no! He broke one of his horns, too. And there's some damage to his helmet. Better jump online and order a new one. Or visit a blacksmith. 

* The third portrait features Black Falcon with a glowing orange head, like he just ate some ghost pepper chips. He looks crazy, right? It's a different headsculpt from the other two as he is screaming like crazy here. I wonder why he's orange and glowing. Maybe it's one of his powers, like he's able to set himself on fire. Or perhaps he's cosplaying as a Cheeto? Maybe he just really loves UT? Super7 has teased a variant of this figure coming out, so perhaps this is a teaser of another form he can take?

* Here's a shot of the back of the figure so you can see all of the work that's gone into his sculpt from another angle.

* Not only are Black Falcon's gauntlets really snazzy (I like how it looks like the paint has rubbed off of his knuckles) he's also sporting a falcon on his right arm. It's a decoration and clearly not intended to be a real falcon. If it were, or if it were some sort of mechanical falcon, I presume it would have been a removable piece. The detail on the wings is super nice.

* Do you know how you can tell this isn't a McFarlane Toys Spawn figure despite the skulls and spikes? Black Falcon has symmetrical footwear! It's pretty awesome looking footwear, too. Whenever he walks in to Jack in the Box and orders two dozen tacos, each topped just a little differently, you know that no one is going to give him any crap about it when he's sporting these bad boys. He's also rocking some thigh guards with an X on them, which is kind of the symbol for The Worst.

* Oh, and he's also sporting a really cool medallion with The Worst's X-symbol. The chain is metal and it really makes this thing look like some phat bling. 

* Black Falcon tops his outfit off with a really nice soft goods cape. It's quite thick, features wires down the sides for posing, and has a sturdy metal button clasp. I love this! It's an excellent piece of clothing in this scale.

* The back is all ripped and torn, too. I think Black Falcon must have moths. 

* Black Falcon has some really nice articulation and feels a bit sturdier and with a better range of motion than on most Super7 "Ultimates" that I've come across lately. He's a slimmer figure, so perhaps that helps. His joints are good and tight, much better than on the series 1 figures. With so many accessories, alternate hands, and the wired cape, Black Falcon is a lot of fun to pose.

* Black Falcon comes with a nice assortment of hands, all of which swap easily and feel pretty sturdy. The first six are standard swappable gauntlets with a pair of gripping hands, a pair of open palmed gesturing hands, and a pair of fists. 

* The next two are quite different as they're skeletal hands in the same orange as Black Falcon's face. They kind of remind me of this scene from the comedy gem Kung-Pow! Enter the Fist. This guy's on fire, baby!

* Now look down at Black Falcon's ninth hand...


Made you look. Yup, Black Falcon is a jerk and he's all about the circle game.

* His spear is awesome. It has two very sharp tines and it's really long! It's a cool weapon that definitely gives him a further reach, though he takes a penalty in close quarters when using it.

* His classic sword looks great, too. The weapons are very nice and solid but don't feel overly brittle. I like how the quillons match his helmet, too. That's a nice design feature. 

* Black Falcon's shield is pretty large and quite heavy. It looks fantastic with a falcon crest on it. I wonder why this guy loves falcons so much? I mean, they're perfectly admirable birds, but I'm just curious what his connection to them is. 

* He also includes a falcon boomerang. Or a falcarang. OK, when you start making falcon themed throwing devices you've definitely his an obsessive level. Kind of like Batman, Night Owl, or Moon Knight. 

* When Black Falcon goes out for a day of scouting out old crypts and caverns to seek out parties of roaming heroes to waylay, he makes sure to pack a lunch. Yes, he comes with a brown paper bag. What's inside? Probably a mutton sandwich, an apple, carrot sticks, and some Dunkaroos. Maybe a small can of Shasta, too. 

* He's also toting a thermos! Maybe he's got some cider in here but he also could be toting soup. What pairs nicely with a mutton sandwich. Potato soup?

* Guess what? The top of the thermos comes off so he can use it as a cup. How neat is that? I love the weird, random little accessories that The Worst come with. What a neat little extra. 

The Negatives:

* I love that Black Falcon comes with three swappable portraits but they are tough to get on and take off. A little heat might be needed to loosen things up a bit. Just be careful!

* Black Falcon's shield looks great, even on the back. I love the texture and the paintwork but I'm not thrilled with the handle. There's just one (no strap) and it's placed oddly, so it can only work in his left hand. It also seems a bit think for a piece that receives quite a bit of stress and holds up the weight of the shield.

* The fiery orange head is really cool but I wish it had a slightly darker wash, or at least some more detail in the mouth. Having the back of the mouth just be a flat orange looks a bit off.

   Thanks for taking some time on Halloween Eve (so All Hallows' Eve Eve) to read my review of a spooky skeleton warrior who brown bags his lunch. As I mentioned in the intro, Black Falcon came off to me as one of the least exciting figures in The Worst ReAction releases but as an Ultimate he might be my favorite. He's just a darn fine skeleton warrior action figure. With lots of display options, some great standard weaponry, and some cool little oddities (I still can't get over how much I'm thrilled with that working thermos), he's an Epic figure that really delivers. The big day is almost here, so who could be reserved for Halloween itself? Check back tomorrow and find out! 

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