Friday, October 13, 2023

31 Days of Toy Terror- Friday the 13th Special! Jason Voorhees from WB Horror by Fetch for Pets


   When I realized that there was a Friday the 13th this October I just knew that I would have to take a break from the ABCs of 31 Days of Toy Terror for a special review! Guess which of my family members most recently received a Friday the 13th themed toy? Our dog Zoey! Zoey absolutely loves stuffed toys and carries them around with her all the time. She carries them, licks them, chews them a bit (though she is rather gentle), and uses them like pillows. Her favorites are the Kong Wild Knots bears but my mom bought her this Jason Voorhees dog toy at the end of last month, just in time for the spooky season. Ready to read a (dog) toy review written by Zoey, our 5-year old Kelpie/ terrier rescue dog? Then read on!

[Editor's Note: Zoey is a very, very good dog, but she's not best speller. She also doesn't always use the correct words. We are working on this with her.]

Hi! I Zoey. I good girl. Good dog. Best dog. Please pet?

Today I review toy that my Gram Gram gave me. I like her. She nice. She pet me, rub my belly, and talk nice to me. I best dog. I very tentious. I also viligant and telligent. Gram Gram show me this toy. I say, "Want. Want. Please give." So she give me this. She say it Jay-sun. I not know Jay-sun. I call it Scare Bear.

He based on movie. I not watch many movies. I sit in living room and watch family watch movies. They watch and pet Zoey, cause I good dog. I do like noises and I bark when I hear knocking sounds. Or when I see bears on screen. Love bears. Want bear. Please give?

I ask who Scare Bear is. They tell me he from scary movie. I not like being scared. I scared of many things. Loud people. Any people I not know, really. I also scared of cars and trucks. And brooms. I not like little vacuum either. Or mailbox. Or neighbors. Or plastic bag blowing across yard. But I not scared of Jay-sun. He my Scare Bear. He soft and yummy. He snack. I type more after break. Please read. Thamks.

The Facts:

Height: 9 inches

Articulation: None

Accessories: None

Non-Scalper Price: $10-$12 dollars
The Pawsitives:

* Here Scare-Bear, or Jay-sun. He little man in mask. He hiding. He has coat. I has coat, too.  He wear brown coat. I has some brown in coat. Girl (that what I call Adora) say my coat look like cimmanon roll. She call me little cimmanon roll. Jay-sun not cimmamon roll.

Jay-sun soft. He soft like bear. He also squeak. When someone make him squeak I run to him. I want to chew him. Family squeak scare bear and call me. I run. I see toy and say "Want! Want! Please give!" Sometimes they give me toy and I say thamks and run to bedroom with him. Sometimes they act like they throw him. I get excited and wait, but they not. They not mess with Zoey. I has teeth. I bites. But I good dog, so I not bite. Good dog. Best dog. Please pet.

* Jay-sun hide face. I think he really bear under there. I hide, too. I hides in bed. Or in kennel. Or under table. When strangers come I hide. 

Scare bear not hide, though. He has design on mask. It string. It come off just little as I chew and play. He friend. He also snack. He friend, he friend. 

* Here back of jay-sun. He does not have tail like Zoey or bear. He not have fur, either. He squeak, though. When I tackle him, he squeak. Yes, that cause I fierce. But good dog. And tentious. 

* When I take nap with jay-sun, girl take picture of me. She always do that. I pose. I pose with eyes closed. Jay-sun not smell very interesting at first but he smell better now. Family say he stinky but I like. He smell delicious. 

  Love. Love Scare bear Jay-sun. Love to chew him. He yummy. Also love squeaky noise. That all. I not like him much as bear, but I like him. 

Barbecue17: Thanks, Zoey! You're a great dog and you sure did a fine job reviewing your new stuffed Jason toy. I was surprised that there is a whole series of these including Freddy Krueger, Pennywise, and a Gremlin. Zoey seems to really like it and isn't the least bit afraid of him!

   If you need more Jason Voorhees on this Friday the 13th, I've also reviewed the Toony Terrors Jason Voorhees, the Funko ReAction Jason Voorhees from the ReAction Horror Series and the NECA Ultimate Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th Part VI and Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th Part II.


  1. HA HA-I love this interview! Probably the best I have seen in awhile. Thanks for being here .

    `Master Crypt Keeper, Michelle

    1. Thanks a lot! Zoey really seemed to enjoy it. She's very shy in person to new people but she really enjoyed this opportunity. I passed your kind words on to her. She said, "Thamks."

  2. d'aww. have more zoey!

    1. Zoey does seem to be well loved. She might have to start becoming a regular contributor. She appreciates all of the kind words!

  3. This reminds me of a Zach Malamute letter/review from back in the ToyFare days. I love it.

    1. Man, I loved ToyFare. Still have my issues, still love them and read them. And, yes, Zach Malamute was in the back of my mind when writing this, though this is how we have Zoey talk.

      I'm assuming that most pet owners, and not just my family, have "voices" for their dogs. Zoey talks in very short, often broken sentences. Her voice is kind of like a mixture of D-O from the Rise of Skywalker and Amy from the movies Congo, though she likes to reiterate how good of a dog she is. She also tries to use larger words, but often fails.

    2. Hi it's Adora, I didn't have any part in writing this review but I l took all the pictures you see and edited. Zoey is a very good dog she is my dog but my dad (Barbecue 17 ) talked me into getting her, she does often use words not knowing the meaning or saying them incorrectly.

    3. I definitely saw Zoey first and pushed for her, didn't I? What can I say; I'm pretty good at picking out dogs. Except for Crouton. haha.


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