Thursday, June 15, 2023

Action Figure Review: Fearsome Flush from Ghostbusters Kenner Classics by Hasbro


   Somehow I missed Hasbro's 2021 release of the 1989 action figure Fearsome Flush from Kenner's The Real Ghostbusters line. I had Fearsome Flush as a kid and loved him. I mean, he's a haunted toilet. How wild is that? As a kid he typically just hung out in the Firehouse and functioned as a normal toilet that would sometimes spring to life. Crazy stuff! Fearsome Flush was released in 1989 as part of the sixth series of The Real Ghostbusters toys and he's definitely memorable. I actually stumbled upon him last weekend at Ollie's and just had to have him. Seeing these figures on those bold, oversized purple cards just gives me a rush of nostalgia. Ready to check out Fearsome Flush? Then join me after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 3 5/8ths inches

Articulation: Rolling axle, hinged lid, raising tongue, hinged tongue middle, and hinged tank.

Accessories: None

Original Retail Price: $15 dollars

Year of Release: 2021

The Positives:

* Hasbro's Ghostbusters Kenner Classics are pretty much just "reprints" of the vintage toys, so there's no upgrades or anything. They're pretty much exactly what you remember, so Fearsome Flush is just a toilet. I mean, yeah, there's a ghost in there, but before you activate the toy, it's just a toilet. As a kid having a toy toilet was just so neat and novel. The sculpt is pretty soft overall but there are some cool details like the bolts for attaching it to the floor and the seat and lid. 

* There's even a Ghostbusters logo on the toilet. Why? "Why not?" is what I ask. Usually toilets aren't branded like this, but maybe this is from a point where the Ghostbusters were doing well enough that a toilet with their logo on it was feasible. Remember in the late 1990s and early 2000s all of the toilet seats and lids that were clear with little stuff molded inside of the plastic? That was a darn cool time to be alive if you ask me. 

* Fearsome Flush isn't some oversized monstrosity or an undersized mini-ghost; he's legitimately the size you'd expect a toilet to be. You can place a Real Ghostbusters figure on it (Fright Features are particularly fun) and show the aftermath of "Ghost Pepper Everything" night at the Firehouse. No wonder that toilet's possessed!

* When you roll Fearsome Flush the lids of the toilet bowl and tank open up, revealing Fearsome Flush's ghostly features. His eyes pop out of the toilet tank while his tongue flips out of the bowl, which is now rimmed with sharp teeth. Roll him along and the lids open and close. It's also easy to leave him in the position you want, toilet mode or ghost mode, so that makes him extra fun and far more versatile.

* Those eyes are really menacing! Look at how bloodshot they are? Do your eyes get bloodshot from hanging out inside of a toilet or does having eyes this bloodshot cause one to want to hang out inside of a toilet tank? Mysteries, mysteries. 

* If you stumble across a tongue coming out of your toilet bow, it's either the weirdest yet most thorough bidet ever invented or it's a haunted toilet. This one is a haunted toilet and that tongue is freaky! Also, check out the teeth around the rim. Nasty!

* What the heck is this on the lid of the toilet bowl? I mean, can things ever get that bad, if you know what I mean? I thought it was maybe Fearsome Flush's nose, but I'm not sure. Nasty, though, and it gets points just for that. For real: When you're reviewing haunted toilets, nastiness counts. 

   There are few toys quite as charmingly bizarre as Fearsome Flush! Kenner really had to dig into the weirdness pit to deliver this guy and he was always one of my favorites as a kid. It's really fun to have this release. Now, to be honest, you can still find the vintage Fearsome Flush for pretty cheap, so don't overpay for this guy. I grabbed mine at Ollie's for $8 bucks but you can find vintage ones for around the $15 dollar mark. Still, it's a Haunted Toilet. A rolling haunted toilet. That's Epic. I'm blinded by nostalgia, yeah, but this guy just excels on every level and doesn't play number two to anyone. 

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  1. $8!? The Ollie's by me they were only $4! I actually managed to get the whole set after a few visits. Great review as always, one of my childhood favorites as well.

    1. I actually bought the Bug-Eye Ghost on the same trip and he was only $3.99, as were the rest of the figures. All of the Fearsome Flushes were labeled $7.99, so I assumed that he might have been from a different series.

  2. This entire review just cracked me up from start to finish, thank you! 😂👻🚽

  3. The Super Powers figures did have knees, but after those it's tough to think of any Kenner figures with knees until a few of the POTF2 figures.

    Also, how much were these guys in the UK? They were around $15 here and exclusive to Walmart.

  4. Yeah, that's definitely higher than what ours cost here. Fearsome Flush could definitely be found cheaper.


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