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Minifigure Review: Poison Ivy from DC Comics- Batman Tiny Mights by CultureFly

   Thus far I've been pretty darn positive on CultureFly's DC Comics- Batman Tiny Mights, but Poison Ivy definitely leaves me pretty itchy and aggravated. I was really glad to see that the Batman Tiny Mights lineup included four of Gotham's most prominent ladies (Catwoman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy), who also happen to be four of my favorite comic book characters of all time. Seriously, those four are all at least in my top 25 with most of them probably being in my top 10 and even my top 5. Out of 12 minifigures, it was pretty impressive that four of them are women. Catwoman was good and I have nothing but positives to say about Harley and Babs, even though I didn't get around to reviewing them. Poison Ivy has a good sculpt, don't get me wrong, but she has a real problem with standing up. She can't. That's a bummer, right? Read on and find out what's wrong with Dr. Pamela Isley...

The Facts:

Height: 1 and 3/4ths inches

Non-Scalper Price: $5-$6 dollars for 3 figures and a plastic Batmobile case

* As a minifigure, Ivy looks great. She's wearing a very classic take on her outfit with a leafy one-piece and vines running down her arms and legs. I like the pose, too. She definitely looks like she's not about to take any crap from anyone. Did you read Fear State and Poison Ivy: The Virtuous Cycle? Ivy is awesome in those books. It's a good storyline for her. Queen Ivy is absolutely killer! Woah momma! I love the character, so that's why I'm so frustrated by this next part.

* Ivy can't stand up. Her feet are too close together and her head and body are too top heavy, so she just tumbles over. That's very disappointing! I usually don't like stands on rubber minifigures like this but if it would have kept her standing upright I would have been all for it.

*  These sets come in a little plastic Batmobile with a plastic wrap around the middle. The Batmobile splits in half, so you can use it for storing little trinkets or accessories. It's a neat idea and the fact that it's translucent means you can look through it (if you find these in stores) to identify the figures you need.

   I really like this line but Poison Ivy is definitely the sole disappointment in it. I love being able to stand minifigures up and put them on display, but for this one I'd have to come up with something or just lean her against something else. Boo to that! She could have been an incredible figure but not being to stand her up at all is a real bummer. She gets a real Eh from me. Nice mini, poor design. The rest of the ladies are fine, though, so at least it wasn't a widespread problem with the series of minis. 

   If you're looking for more of Dr. Pamela Isley, I've reviewed a few other Poison Ivy figures on this site including the Lego Arkham Asylum Breakout set which comes with an Ivy minifigure, the DC Super Hero Girls Poison Ivy, the DC Universe Signature Collection Poison Ivy, the DC Collectibles New 52 Poison Ivy, the DC Designer Series Bombshells Poison Ivy, the Lil' Bombshells Poison Ivy, the Vinyl Sugar Vinyl Vixens Poison Ivy, and the DC Nano Metalfigs series 3 10-pack with the DC45 Poison Ivy and Series 4 20-pack with Poison Ivy DC109.

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