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Wrapping Up 2023: Lord Death Man from Batman '66 by McFarlane Toys


   The Batman Classic TV Series line really got interesting in 2023 as McFarlane expanded it with characters from the Batman '66 comic series. Figures like Superman, Robot Batman, Two-Face, and new takes on Batgirl and the Joker really added some life to the line and today I'm checking out another new villain added to the series: Lord Death Man. Lord Death Man definitely isn't one of Batman's most well known villains but his first appearance was in May of 1966 (Batman #180, as just Death Man), so he fits the era for sure. He really gained popularity as part of a Japanese Batman manga, though, where he was known as Lord Death Man. He's appeared here and there over the years (in Batman, Inc. and an episode of The Brave and the Bold) but the Batman '66 comic brought him back in 2015 in the style of the '66 series. He's an unknown villain capable of faking his own death who Batman and Batgirl travel to Japan to defeat. He really does just look like a guy in a skeleton costume in the Batman '66 comic, so this is a legit take on him. Ready to check out Lord Death Man? Then join me after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 6 inches

Articulation: Swivel/ hinge knees, swivel hips, waist swivel, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel/hinge elbows, swivel wrists, and a a balljointed head. 

Accessories: Sword and cape

Non-Scalper Price: $18 dollars

The Positives:

* Lord Death Man looks like someone cosplaying as Scare Glow or the Silver Shamrock Trick 'r Treater with the skeleton costume. He's not an actual skeleton; he really is supposed to just look like a guy in a skeleton body suit with a cape and mask. The sculpt is pretty plain with most details just painted on. The bones are nicely painted, though, and do stand out well from the black bodysuit. 

* The headsculpt is really cool and definitely gives him the feel of an old school anime or manga villain. It's skull-like, sure, but it also feels like it could easily be a big plastic helmet, which is probably what it's intended to be. 

* The material of the cape shouldn't be unfamiliar to those who have purchased other figures in the line. It's not bad and does look quite nice on the figure. Not luxurious or deluxe or anything, but still a decent soft goods cape for a figure that retails for under $20 bucks. The cape stays on via a plastic clip, just like the old Kenner Super Powers and 1990s Batman figures. 

* I don't recall Lord Death Man using a sword in the comic, but he does come with one. He does have a crew of ninjas that hang around with him, so having a sword makes perfect sense. He also just looks cool wielding it. 

* Like the rest of the line, Lord Death Man is a sturdy, durable figure. The balljointed head is quit e good, and the arms are decent, allowing for some fun poses on the shelf. From the waist up, anyways...

The Negatives:

*  It's kind of weird that these figures don't have any real hip motion; Just a simple cut joint, though they do have swivel/hinge knees. They're just very static, absolutely meant to just be stood around in the various scenes and playsets made for the line rather than truly put in action poses. They kind of remind me of older DC Collectibles/ DC Direct figures, though they don't break when you look at them. 

   Lord Death Man is definitely a less well known Batman villain, so he definitely seems like a figure that will draw the attention of not just fans of this line but also collectors of Batman figures in general. He could easily blend in with a DC Universe Classics collection, too. He's a very basic figure, sure, but he's a fun addition to the Batman collection and the Batman Classic TV Series/ Batman '66 line. I just wish these figures had some hip articulation! It's so weird to not have H-hinged hips at the very least. He's a Good figure, though. 

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  1. Heh, you mention Scare Glow, this really does look like a cheap cosplay of him like an amateur like me would make for a convention. :) Kinda neat figure.

    1. He is a very cool figure. Not the most exciting, but unqiue for sure. He looks like someone in a generic Halloween costume, which does fit the Batman '66 comic aesthetic just fine.


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