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Action Figure Review: Batgirl (Batman: Three Jokers) Jokerized from DC Multiverse by McFarlane Toys


   The other day I had the opportunity to get this Jokerized Batgirl figure in the wild at Target and decided to jump on it. I don't own all of them but I have quite a few of the Jokerized DC Multiverse figures and I like them quite a bit. They definitely aren't everyone's cup of tea for sure, but I love the color schemes on these and how well they fit within my collection of Joker action figures. There have been plenty of Jokerized Batman figures along with the Jokerized Dark Knight Trilogy series and Jokerized Red Robin (who I skipped), but this is the first Batgirl. There has been quite a bit of Jokerized Batgirl art and cosplay over the years, but as far as I can recall, this is the first official Jokerized figure of Babs out there (though there was a Harley Quinn POP! dressed like Batgirl). This one is a straight up repaint which uses the Batgirl figure from Batman: Three Jokers. Ready to check out a Jokerized Batgirl? Then join me after the break...

The Facts:

Height: 6 5/8ths inches

Articulation: Hinged toes, double swivel hinged ankles, double hinged knees, swivel/hinge hips, balljointed waist, balljointed mid torso, swivel/hinge shoulders w/ ballsockets, bicep swivels, double hinged elbows, swivel/ hinge wrists, and a barbell jointed head.
Accessories: Grappling gun, batarang, collector card, 4 playing cards, card stand, and display stand.
Non-Scalper Price: $25 dollars


* The Jokerized Batgirl (center) is a repaint and it's been used for the 2021 Batgirl from Batman: Three Jokers (on the left) and the 2022 repaint from the batman Family 5-pack (on the right). All of the accessories are the same as well. You know what? I really want this figure painted in the color scheme of Yvonne Craig's outfit. That would look incredible!
The Positives:

* The purple and yellow  with gold gloves already reminds me of Yvonne Craig's Batgirl costume, so I'm already quite partial to this figure. I'm sure the intention was for the purple to be more of a Joker color paired with the green, but it's already a pretty recognizable Batgirl color, too. I like this sculpt. It's an older DC Multiverse sculpt so it's still got some weirder issues like the round swivel/hinge joints on the wrists, but overall I like the look of the suit. All of the detail is sculpted so you've got lots of details in the suit along with the belt and bat emblem being sculpted, too. 

* Those gloves look great. They're the only gold on the figure but they stand out and look really shiny. The spikes on the gloves are great and didn't arrive warped or anything. 

* Batgirl's hair looks pretty nice flowing out the back of her cowl and the cape is well sculpted with a bit of a dynamic flair. 

* Batgirl has an older articulation model but I think she loves really well. I usually have one of my regular Three Jokers Batgirls posed in a kicking position, which she holds wonderfully. She's a sturdy, well made figure that's fun to mess around with. having her Jokerized just makes weirder positions and poses all the more acceptable. Find some bizarre accessories for her and have her creeping out the other members of the Batfamily. 

* The accessories included with Jokerized Batgirl are the same as the ones included with the original figure. She has a batarang, though it's bright green. 

* Her grappling hook launcher is a cool piece, though it does look like it could use some paint applications, especially when molded in purple. 

* You also get a collectible card and display stand included but they're different than the normal ones. The collectible card has Joker scribbles on it while the display stand has what looks like the DKR Batlogo on it (I'm not sure why that was chosen, but it's not a big deal) and is molded in magenta plastic with green painted details. It stands out nicely from the rest of the black display stands in the line and looks good with a gaggle of Jokerized crimefighters. 

* A card stand is also included, which has come with most of the other Jokerized variants. I like the design and the paintwork, though I will admit that these stands feel like they're more designed to pad out the packaging rather than offering a real value. If you have a smaller collection or one with lots of space between figures, these might look really good near your figures. if you have a larger collection or more diorama like displays, these are probably just going to get in the way and take-up space. Of course, it can either hold the included collectible card or some of the Joker playing cards, so it can add a bit of a backdrop to your display. 

* Most of the Jokerized figures released thus far (though not the Dark Knight Trilogy versions with the Build a Jokerized Bane) come with four playing cards with Joker themed backs and lots of Joker graffiti on them. Batgirl comes with four cards: The 10 of Hearts, Queen of Diamonds, 6 of Clubs, and three of Spades. Apparently each Jokerized figure will come with 4 cards so, after 13 releases, you'll have a full deck. So far, we've had DKR Batman, Dark Detective Batman, Red Robin, White Knight Batman, and Batgirl, so eight more releases to go.
* I do like this portrait on the other Batgirl figures and it's fine here, too. But...

The Negatives:

* First of all, why not include a bit of a smile on it? I think every other figure has had a painted on Joker smile, so it's weird to skip it on Barbara.

* Second, there's a weird scuff on the forehead of my figure. It's right in the middle. It's not horribly noticeable, but it's there.

* I know kneejoints are sometimes slightly different in color, but Batgirl's thighs, knees, and lower legs are three different shades of purple. That's really quite annoying. 

   I definitely like these Jokerized variants, though I do realize they're not for everyone. You sure don't see them hanging around long, though, so they clearly have a fanbase. Since I'm such a huge Batgirl fan I was definitely excited to get this one. I love her colors, though I wish the face looked a bit more sinister. Leaving off that smile was definitely a big miss. Still, she is a cool figure, though I think I could do without the card stand and playing cards if McFarlane would price these at less than $25 dollars. Those items are neat once, but they feel like padding, especially for a repaint. She's a Good and a 1/2 figure.

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  1. Interesting color combination. But I'll never say no to Batgirl.

    1. Yeah, I can't pass on most Batgirl figures, either. Plus, I just like the look of most of these Jokerized variants. They're just odd but in a way I really like.


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