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Action Figure Review: Olek Thygar (GraveRing) from Cosmic Legions by Four Horseman Studios


   Today I'm checking out Olek Thygar (GraveRing), the last of my Hvalkatar: Book One Cosmic Legions figures. Not only is this variant of Olek Thygar, whose first figure I really liked, but it's also an evolution of the character. This version of Thygar depicts him during his time as a warrior in GraveRing (the secret prison gladiatorial battles held deep within Hvalkatar) but also developing some sort of new powers. Thygar's head has changed and he has new horns sprouting on his head and a larger, almost gem-like marking on his forehead. Combined with his additional hands that look like they're in different gestures, has Thygar discovered some new Force-like abilities that he didn't know he had? That seems very possible! Let's check out the Olek Thygar (GraveRing) figure after the break and see what he's got going for him...

The Facts:

Height: 7 1/8ths inches

Articulation: Double swivel hinge ankles, swivel/hinge knees, swivel thighs, H-hinged hips, balljointed waist, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel/hinge elbows, swivel forearms, swivel/hinge wrists, and a balljointed head..

Accessories: 2 staffs, mace, projection, 2 short pegs, 2 long pegs, and 10 swappable hands.

Non-Scalper Price: $50 dollars


* The GraveRing version of Olek Thygar that I'm reviewing today is on the left while Olek Thygar (Hvalkatar) is on the right. From the shins to the waist these guy are similar but the feet, torsos, arms and heads are all different. The GraveRing figure is just a bit shorter, too, as he's not wearing the full boots. 

The Positives:

*  Olek Thygar's color scheme looks even more like Adam Power from Power Lords here, and that's really a beautiful thing. I still love having an actual alien looking character as the main protagonist rather than a human; it just makes the world of Cosmic Legions seem all the more extraterrestrial and unique. Even cooler is there isn't even a human in site yet. This time around, Thygar has ditched most of his spacesuit, only keeping the pants, bracers, and shin guards. Those bits of his outfit still look fantastic with metallic orange and blue to highlight the black and gray, but now we really get to see his alien physique. Olek Thygar is an Abollex from the planet Pythairria and has a cool, reptilian design with a gradient of blue to white on his scaly skin. 

* Thygar's portrait here is different from the previous figure as he looks far more stern and now with longer horns growing out of the top of his head. The detail on his forehead is very different, too. It looks larger, perhaps like whatever Thygar had hidden underneath a decorative forehead piece has expanded or developed.

* Here's a shot of the back of Olek Thygar's head to show off his scales that extend back, as well as the more developed horns or tendrils. I like the purple highlighted here, too. 

* There's so much detail on the scales running down Thygar's back, all of which is really nicely painted with a nice blend of shade of blue. This is some impressive work and definitely something we didn't get on the Olek Thygar figure in his spacesuit.

* Thygar isn't wearing the full boots this time around; he's really just sporting the parts over his shins and calves. Still very cool with great paintwork, but now he's going barefooted. I love the detail on his feet. Very impressive!

* Not only is the belt really cool, but so are the pads that hang down from it to protect Thygar's hips and thighs. All of the details are just so crisp and sharp. 

* The gauntlets are incredibly slick and have a lot of painted detail on them. 

* If you're familiar with Mythic Legions, you should recognize that Cosmic Legions figures are built the same as that line so that the parts are interchangeable. They're quite sturdy and I've found most of them to have really good quality control. There are places that might feel a bit restrictive but the figure can take most poses you would hope for and he looks fantastic interacting with his staff or utilizing his expressive hands. 

* Thygar's main weapon is a large staff with a plant shaped tip. It's weathered to make it look older with a bit of a patina on it. 

* The idea of the staff seems to be that is splits into two weapons, a regular staff and a mace. The regular staff is on the right and is a plainer staff with the planet shaped orb at the top missing.

* Here's the orb by itself, which looks like a meteor hammer. The head is quite intricate and the chain is actually a very tiny metal chain.

* Thygar also comes with a holographic projection/ transmission. This one is molded in dark green and appears to be the Qorgonox, the salvage vessel used by the OxKrewe. The OxKrewe and the crash of the Qorgonox are the theme of the upcoming OxKrewe Book One: Thraxxon series that's coming out sometime next year, so this is a neat little piece. What's Olek Thygarr's connection to the ship or the OxKrewe?

* Thygar also comes with two of the short clear pegs and two longer pegs for attaching weapons.

* Here's a look at Thygar's ten sets of hands! Wow! He's got a set of gesturing hands, perhaps like he's using some sort of new telekinetic powers, two sets of pistol grips with both lateral and vertical hinges, and two sets of standard grips with both lateral and vertical hinges. These look excellent with so much detail!
The Negatives:

* Unfortunately, the chain broke off on the handle of my meteor hammer. The handle has a fragile clip, so be very careful!

   Olek Thygar (GraveRing) is another cool figure and I'm very interested in the story that's being told here. None of the upcoming series of figures have new versions of characters, so I'm curious as to how we'll learn more about Thygar and his fellow compatriots of the GraveRing. As a figure he's great with a fantastic design and color scheme and an excellent portrait. I'm also loving the multitude of extra hands. For the price a few extra weapons and another portrait would be nice, but what we have here is truly Great. I'm looking forward to the next series as this seems to be a line with a bright future ahead of it!

If you're looking for more of Olek Thygar I've also reviewed the Olek Thygar (Hvalkatar) figure.

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