Who is Barbecue17?

     In 1986, a three year old's parents bought him a General Hawk action figure from G.I. Joe, lots of random Masters of the Universe figures, and some Kenner Ghostbusters. The three year old promptly tossed aside all other youthful pursuits and escaped to the toy aisle. Today, still wanting every action figure he can get his hands on, he survives as a toy collector. If you have articulation... if you're highly collectible... or if you're a Batgirl or Masters of the Universe product... maybe you'll get reviewed by... Barbecue17.

"I pity the fool who messes with my action figures collection!"--Barbecue17

Feel free to email Barbecue17 at Barbecue17(at)actionfigurebarbecue.com

If you're curious, here are some toylines that I'm actively collecting:

Anything Masters of the Universe Related
NECA horror based figures
Jazwares Fortnite: Legendary Series
Plastic army men and other minifigures
Star Wars: The Black Series (6 inch)
Kenner's Aliens and Predator lines (though my collection is now complete)
Lanard's Alien and Predator stuff if it's compatible with the Kenner line
G.I. Joe: Classified Series
World of Nintendo/ Super Mario
Pumpkin themed and pumpkin headed toys


  1. Stumbled across your page while searching for info on the MOTU Eternia Minis. Great stuff, I'll be sure to check out more of your reviews!

    1. Thanks! I appreciate it! Hope you enjoy and comment often!


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