Thursday, December 2, 2021

Action Figure Review: The Evil Horde from Masters of the Universe Origins by Mattel


   Today's review is a big one: The entire Evil Horde! OK, well not the entire Evil Horde but the PowerCon exclusive four pack titled The Evil Horde from Masters of the Universe Origins. This set was one of the three MOTU Origins exclusives for PowerCon 2021 and it was available through directly through PowerCon or through BBTS and Mattel Creations. I picked mine up directly through Mattel Creations during their sale on September 13th (the same day I ordered the minicomic Tri-Klops) and it arrived in early November. This is a really cool set that features a Filmation inspired Hordak, two color variant Horde Troopers, and a "dark" variant of Grizzlor. We've already received a standard Hordak and "Buzz Saw" Hordak in Origins but the Horde Troopers and Grizzlor are new figures and we'll surely see them released in their standard looks in Origins in the near future. This set has one of the most impressive boxes I've seen on a MOTU item and it really surprised me how large it was. On one hand, it's really, really cool and helps to somewhat justify the elevated price of these exclusives. On the other, if a standard, no frills window box would have made these cheaper it might have been worth it. Still, the packaging is cool and something you'll want to have around. This set really appealed to my 8 year old daughter, Adora, so she jumped in to help with pictures and some commentary for this review as well. Let's check out The Evil Horde after the break...

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Action Figure Review: Tri-Klops ("The Terror of Tri-Klops") from Masters of the Universe Origins by Mattel


      The marathon of Masters of the Universe Origins reviews rolls on into December and today we're beginning to look at a few exclusive figures that have been released. For today's installment I'm checking out the Mattel Creations exclusive Tri-Klops based on his appearance in the vintage minicomic "The Terror of Tri-Klops!" In 2020 Mattel held a fan vote, offering up four characters fans could choose from to appear in MOTU origins. The other choices were Anti-Eternia Man-At-Arms, Masters of the Multiverse Keldor, and Wun-Dar, but this minicomic version of Tri-Klops beat them all out. This version of Tri-Klops was often requested in Masters of the Universe Classics (AKA the greatest toyline of all time) but he was never included there so for fans of the minicomic looks of the characters this is a pretty big deal. Tri-Klops went up for sale on September 13th alongside the Power-Con exclusives and Sun-Man. That was an expensive Monday, I can tell you that! While Tri-Klops was my third choice from the figures offered, I'm still glad to get him as he does offer up a neat variant for a character who hasn't had many different looks over the years. Let's check out Tri-Klops from "The Terror of Tri-Klops!" after the break....

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Action Figure Review: Mer-Man (Lords of Power) from Masters of the Universe: Origins by Mattel


   The mini marathon of Masters of the Universe Origins reviews continues with the final figure from series 5: The Lords of Power Mer-Man variant. A classic toy version of Mer-Man was released in series 3 this year but last year Mer-Man was also included as part of the PowerCon 2020 exclusive Lords of Power set. The Lords of Power collection were essentially the prototype versions of some of the earliest Masters of the Universe characters and while they were included in last year's PowerCon exclusive set Mattel seems intent on releasing them in the mainline as ways to continue to refresh main characters like Mer-Man and Beast Man. Mer-Man's Lords of Power/ prototype looks closer to the cross-sell art on the back of the vintage packaging which seems to be more popular for modern depictions of the character. While this is the same sculpt as the exclusive from last year this version of Mer-man does have a slightly different paint job and fewer paint applications, differentiating him from the rarer and far more expensive exclusive. The Lords of Power set was definitely for the most hardcore fans so its nice that Mattel is giving everyone a chance to own a much cooler version of Mer-Man. Let's take a look at the Lords of Power Mer-Man after the break...

Flick or Treat Episode #1: Halloween Kills


   Hey everyone! My and my friend The Reel Brad have just posted the first episode of our new podcast Flick or Treat! What's Flick or Treat? It's a podcast dedicated solely to movies that take place at Halloween. There are plenty of horror movie podcasts out there but ours is strictly about movies set during the Halloween season so we're going to work really hard to keep up the Halloween vibe all year long. 

In this episode we chat about Halloween Kills, Spawn toy and comics, the Dark Horse EC Comics collections, me coming in third place in a Halloween Haiku contest at HalloweenHorrorHaiku, and the 1962 Halloween Massacre urban legend. 

   You'll also get to hear Brad's impersonation of Todd McFarlane, me doing a terrible Donald Pleasance, and us butchering the names of half of the cast of Halloween Kills. It's a spooky good way to spend 1 hour and 54 minutes! Check it out and let me know what you think! 

Monday, November 29, 2021

Action Figure Review: Fisto from Masters of the Universe Origins by Mattel

     I guess it's time I finished reviewing series 5 of Masters of the Universe Origins, huh? If I were giving out an award for the most improved toyline of 2021 I think I would choose Masters of the Universe Origins. Last year the line felt like a standard "retro" line with little character of its own. This year Origins has really grown on me, however, and it's become a very fun and rather unique toyline. Series 6 and Series 7 are hitting stores now which means this line has had a bunch of figures released. Figures, vehicles, and even a playset make for a really fun toyline sold at mass retail for a pretty decent price. Today I'm checking out Fisto who was always one of my vintage favorites. Let's check out this power punching warrior after the break...

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Action Figure Review: Snake Face #95 from POP! Retro Toys: Masters of the Universe by Funko

    Lately it feels like Mattel and most folks making licenses merchandise have been neglecting the Snake Men. Mattel hasn't released any Snake Men since Masters of the Universe Classics and Super7 never made any of the Snake Men in the M.U.S.C.L.E. or ReAction lines. Neither has anyone else. Funko is currently the only company giving the Snake Men any attention, thus it's very cool to be getting one of the later Snake Men like Snake Face here. Snake Face was an exclusive for NYCC 2021 that is shared with GameStop and you can still find him there in store if you shop around. With some similarities to the mythical Medusa such as the ability to turn heroes to stone, Snake Face is known as the "Most Gruesome of the Snake Men Warrors." I never had him as a kid which is surprising as I loved the Snake Men and I was really into MOTU around 1986 and 1987. It's great to get some of the underappreciated characters from Funko as POP! vinyls and today Snake Face is getting some attention. Join me after the break as we check out Snake Face....

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Action Figure Review: Zodac #94 from POP! Retro Toys: Masters of the Universe by Funko

   The set of the original eight Masters of the Universe figures is one of the most recognizable action figure casts of all time and in most Masters of the Universe toylines they're the first ones to get made. Funko has oddly spaced out the original eight, however, and they still haven't made Teela. That's crazy to me! She has to be coming soon, right? Anyways, as I was saying, the original eight figures usually are the first toys to make it into new MOTU lines but if there's an outlier there, it's typically Zodac. He's a fantastically cool character and maybe it's the fact that he's been portrayed as a bounty hunter, an Evil Warrior, a heroic ally, and a neutral Cosmic Enforcer that has made him an odd character to get a handle on who hasn't been as predominant in as much media as the other original seven characters. The POP! vinyl Zodac is fantastic, though. Released as a NYCC 2021 shared exclusive (he was also sold through Toy Tokyo) Zodac is yet another exclusive. Let's check him out after the break...